Turning a book

into a literary race

Book Marathon™ is a project which turns any book into a literary race track where only the quickest eyes can win. To start, each reader must choose the bookmark he/she likes most, a book through which to run and read until his character wins the race.

This project seeks to promote reading habits in children, presenting books as what they are: something fun.


Color scheme

Blue, red and beige are the three primary colors of Book Marathon™.

This palette not only defines the graphic communication of the brand, it also builds a linguistic code that differentiates the two product languages: English (blue) and Spanish (red).


Book Marathon™ consists of four little eyes always ready to embark on a new literary race. They are Ellie, Pol, Jess and Dylan.


All bookmarks are designed to run on any surface, either a detective book or a science fiction one. In addition, every bookmark includes an own medals table to keep the badges obtained with each victory.


The packaging is designed to present the product the same way it is pretended to be used. Notebooks include pages and pages of lists for book lovers.


Client: Book Marathon
Brand identity and illustration: azul recreo
Photography: Seiyu
Year: 2017

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