Caicus Illustrations



"Caicusmicrostories in dinnerware" is a project which fills tables with poetry. The Madrid-born writer Inés de Miguel uses three different dishes to serve little fragments of the same story which, like all good meals, is topped off by dessert.

We had the chance to participate in her work by illustrating different stories. Here are two of the five that we illustrated. 



‘Caicus, microcuentos en vajillas’ es un proyecto que llena de poesía las mesas. La escritora madrileña Inés de Miguel se apoya en tres platos distintos para servir pequeños fragmentos de un mismo relato que, como toda buena comida, se cierra con el postre.

Tuvimos la oportunidad de participar ilustrando diferentes historias. Estos son dos de los cinco que ilustramos.


Brand: Caicus

Skills: Illustration



You can stay here tonight because I don't have to get up early tomorrow morning. But tomorrow, when the sun comes up and awakes, I hope that, for your sake, you'll be gone. –She said to her sadness–.



She never talked about herself, but always embellished others. That's how elegant the letter "H" was. 

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