A road trip and 349

pairs of sneakers

Everything started in Madrid when (between classes) four friends decided to start their great adventure: travel around the country in a van to make their project a reality.

Since 2014, with the perfect combination of shoe and sneaker, Pompeii has been reinterpreting the cut of classic models, such as Nautical or Oxford, to take them to a more casual and modern style.


After becoming a footwear reference in Spain, in 2018 they saw it was time to make the brand known in the rest of Europe. In order to take this step, we worked with them to define an elegant catalog for the Spring–Summer '19 collection but without renouncing the spontaneity and color that characterizes them.

These attributes take shape in the design of each page, unpredictable in the use of resources such as collage, watercolor, or travelogue type annotations that help to reflect the Pompeii adventurous spirit as well as the context within which the collection takes place.


Client: Pompeii
Editorial design: azul recreo
Photography: Sebas Oz
Models: Pablo and Pati Vaquerizo

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